More chi, vicar?

That would be a great pun if my Tai Chi class was held in a church hall, or if my students were all men, or women of the cloth, but neither of those two things are true, so why make the joke, I hear you ask? Well, partly because it was the only pun I could think of, but mostly because what is true is that you actually can now have a little more chi if you attend my classes. This is because from Wednesday 6th February, I am extending them from the current hour long class to an hour and a half.

Now that we are getting a regularly full class, it has become a little more difficult for me to give everyone enough of my attention. It didn’t feel fair, therefore it seemed the sensible thing to do was to see what people’s thoughts were on me making it a longer class. Happily, everyone seemed to like the idea, so I sent a couple of emails to make the arrangements and next thing I know, here we are about to start doing 50% more Tai Chi per lesson! Can’t be bad!

So, as I said before, more chi, vicar? And I’ll answer my own question by saying yes please! I’ll have about half an hour more! But just so we’re clear, I’m not a vicar…

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